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Comedy in Tamil movies Comedy in Tamil movies

Topic suggested by Bhoori on Tue Apr 27 02:30:14 .
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A typical tamil film is supposed to hv comedy, pathos, dance, songs - the gamut of human emotion. Whether we actually laugh in the comedy scenes or the pathos scenes is a different matter.

I would like to discuss comedy movies and comedy in movies. Why is that we never see a My Cousin Vinny in Tamil? Do we lack a comic vein in general? Forget My Cousin Vinny, we never even see a Naram Garam or Jane Do Bhi Yaron.

Balachander attempted to make feel good comedy films in the late sixties and early seventies. Some of them were OK e.g. Edhir Neechal, Poova Thalaiya etc.

The best ones that I know are - Kadhalikka Neramillai, Kasedhan Kadavulada, Thillumullu ( of course, not original ), Manal Kayiru and MMKR. Even though Thillumullu is not original, I consider it superior to Golmaal. Occasionally the comedy track has produced some gems - like Nagesh/Sivaji/APN in Thiruvilaiyadal, Baliah in Thillana M, Thangavelu in Kalyanap Parisu, Chandrababu in Sabash Meena, Nagesh in Padagotti, Cho in Annapurani, Gowndamani/Senthil in Vaidhei Katthirundhal etc. But as a rule, this is the comedy track. The relationship of this track to the main story is at best, tangential.

Even more rarely we get comedy based on the characters e.g. SVR/Savithri in Maya Bazar, Rajinikanth in Thambikku Endha Ooru etc. As a rule, this is only one part. In TEO, Rajini has to become less humourous and more dishum-dishum in the second half; SVR/Savithri come probably in the last 1/3 of the Maya Bazar. Comedy as the theme, as the sustaining life force of the movie, is quite rare in Tamil movies. Even MMKR has quite a few unnecessary fights and duets - more comic than the norm, but not really a full fledged comedy.

Why? Is there a chance that we will ever see a Monty Python in Tamil?


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