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Tamilnadu Delicacies Tamilnadu Delicacies

Topic started by Mrs.Mano (@ on Sat Nov 23 03:55:19 .
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Dear hubbers,
I am from Thanjavur in Tamilnadu eventhough I am residing in the middle East for the past 27 years. Thanjavur is famous for its filter coffee as Mayiladuthurai is famous for its masal vadai,Kumbakonam is known for its 'kothsu',chetti Nadu[Which consists of Karaikudi,pudhukkottai,sivakangai] is famous for its paniyarams,appams,chicken specials etc,thirunelveli is famous for its 'sothi kuzambu'and Madurai is famous for its briyanis.I really wish to bring out the specials of tamilnadu in this thread so that each and every hubber could be benefitied from it.I also wish to share the recipes from my collection with all of you. All the hubbers from various districts could share their precious recipes here.Here I really miss Mrs.Soma who shared her valuable recipes from rare vegetables. First I am starting with the 'tiffen varieties'.

AAPPAM[with boiled rice]
Ingredients needed:
Boiled rice-1/2 kilo
black gram-one handful,
fenugreek seeds-1sp
thich fresh curd-1/2 cup
one day old cooked rice-1 handful
enough salt to taste
soak the rice and the black gram with the f.seeds seperately for 8 to 12 hours.
Grind the black gram first and when the batter is soft enough add the cooked rice and the curd and grind it very smoothly.
Then grind the boiled rice seperately to a fine consistency.
Mix both batter very well and let it ferment for the whole night.
In the morning you can make fresh aappams.In the Thanjavur side the accompaniment will be vellappaagu and thick coconut milk.At the serving time we can pour first vellappaagu over the hot aappam and then pour coconut milk occording to our taste.Some people enjoy the aappams with mutton stew or vegetable thengaipaal korma.


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