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Topic started by Harry (@ on Sat Jan 3 06:38:17 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Remember, Prithvi talking about the qualities he was looking for in his dream girl...

She must be intelligent, have lots of self-respect, must have voluminous black hair, must have a great smile, must have smiling eyes, etc etc......(vanitha report). Well,the search ends here. Guess who? None other than the sweet,cute,comely girl who stole the hearts of millions of youth ,through her smashing good looks and commanding screen presence - MEERA JASMINE!

Get a hold of this sify report..


Meera Jasmine - Pritvi’s girl?:

Meera Jasmine told Pritviraj through a song...”Ishtamallada… Enikkishtamallada… in Swapnakoodu, which went on to be last year's biggest chartbuster.
But in real life the petite heroine is having a ball with Pritvi and the grapevine is abuzz with rumours about the lovebirds holding hands and speaking in whispers on the sets. It all started during the making of Swapnakoodu in Pondicherry and Vienna. Earlier Pritvi who has a Casanova reputation was linked to Navya Nair who had fallen out with Meera during the Gramaphone days.

In Pondicherry, Pritvi and Meera became close to each other as she found a person to confide as her personal life was going through turmoil. She was alleged to have relationship with a Chennai based top police officer and later with Shoukat, son of a politician and producer of her art house film, Padom Onnu Oru Vilapam and finally she was cooling off with Lohithadas, her mentor and godfather.

In Kozhikode during the making of Ammakilikoodu, all hell broke lose when Meera was calling up Pritvi on his mobile and leaving desperate SMS messages while he was shooting with Navya. Critics say that the chemistry between Navya and Pritvi was missing in Ammakilikoodu and the film turned out to one of the biggest duds of the year.

And when Lohithadas decided to make Chakram, Meera went out of the way by cancelling the shoot of Joot, her Tamil film and rushed to Pollachi to spend more time with Pritvi. And the unit members swear that the actress was closer to the hero than the director. Now the love birds have given bulk dates to art director Sabu Cyril’s debut directorial venture.

Many people in the industry dismiss this relationship as another of “Meera’s Mad Infatuations” and Pritvi’s flirtatious nature. And will Mallika Sukumaran who is desperately trying to make a career for her son agree to this relationship? “Never” is the popular reaction. However singer Chitra Iyer who sang the song: ”Ishtamallada… Enikkishtamallada…, says that it was the involvement with which Meera emoted for the song with Pritvi on screen that made the song such a huge hit!


Boy!...this news is sure going to break the hearts of millions of fans! Congratulations to Director Kamal, who turned an "Ishtamallada" into a well predicted and orchestrated "Ishtamanneda"!
Now I know why, even after 2 days since the new year, people were still busting crackers in Panampallynagar in Ernakulam!! :)

Guys, all your comments are welcome..


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