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Best Games Industry Events in 2019 in The U.S.

Pax South, San Antonio, Texas – January 17-18

This event is the most attended in Southern US. You’ll see expositions, famous and new creators, and vendors for all kinds with geeky game-themed merchandise. Entertainment includes panels, live shows featuring popular personalities, and concerts. You’ll also see various competitions, such as Stream Stars with YouTube influencers taking part.

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Best Gamer PC Communities

Most gamers don’t just sit at their computers in utter isolation. On the contrary, they like to share their experiences with like-minder people and seek communities where they can talk about games, strategies, and PC build. Even if playing alone is great fun, it’s important to have a group where you can feel understood and supported from time to time.

All the hardware issues and all the trials with tough game levels can be discussed within gamer groups as long as you find the right one. People there can help you and offer valid advice.

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Computer technologies have experienced such rapid growth for the last 25 years that the question arises: where is the limit of developing computer technologies? Can the technology growth stop tomorrow? Or is it just the beginning of the development? What will happen to home video games consoles like PlayStation, Xbox? Will they die out or new devices will appear? There are many questions and even more suppositions. So we will try to tell how this market segment of software and electronics will develop.

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